Christmas Season is Peak Time for House Fires

Home Fires at Christmas

Home fire alarms save lives and save homes. December brings the Christmas season which is the peak time of year for home fires. Having a workable fire alarm is essential, not all homes are equipped with alarm and sprinkler systems together. However, there are still many other   precautions to keep in mind as well.

Candle Fires

The number one reason for these are fires started by candles burning in the home.  Candles may add to a festive ambiance but the live flame can cause a house to go up in flames in seconds. Never leave a candle unattended. Keep pets like cats and dogs away from candles at all times. Flameless luminaries are a great alternative to candles.

Home Heating and CO Poisoning

When the cold weather hits Ottawa the poor are often hit the hardest if they have little or no home heat. Some families think that turning on the stove or oven will heat up a room but this is also dangerous especially if it is a gas oven. Stoves were not designed to heat rooms.  Using a gas oven can cause your home to fill with Co which can be fatal. It is best to get a small space heater.

Christmas Tree Fires

Live Christmas trees are still loved throughout family homes in Ottawa. Even though the use of candles on trees is long gone, we still love our Christmas lights and Christmas tree fires still pose a threat. It is important to keep your tree well watered. In many cases we overload the tree with lights and forget to keep up the watering which leads to a very dry tree. Almost 50% of Christmas tree fires are electrical. By ensuring that all lights are functioning that wires are no cracked and are unplugged when not in use we can better ensure the safety of our home and family against such kind of fire. Some tree sellers suggest spraying down the tree with a flocking agent which is a very efficient flame retardant.

A tree can go up in seconds and a home can be engulfed in minutes. If you did not change your fire alarm batteries when you changed your clocks, make sure your fire alarm is in good working condition now. Check your CO detector as well. Ottawa Alarm Systems Company wants to help you keep your family safe this season.















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