Video Surveillance Camera Catches Thief

Surveillance Cameras For Safety

Many people install video surveillance cameras to watch the front and back entries to their homes and properties as a deterrent to would be thieves and as an alert to people residing in the home. In this video a family inadvertently caught a thief walking away with their chimineya. While their video surveillance system was initially installed to oversee their grandchildren at play while she was indoors and they out this time it helped notify the police of a series of local robberies.

Though it is a sad day when we can no longer trust that our belongings are safe on our back deck or in the yard we have to be vigilant on how we secure our families and homes against these crimes of opportunity. Even in Ottawa it is important to lock up and put away any belongings we may have before we leave home. It is a lot less expensive to invest in a lock for the back gate than it is to replace outdoor tools and play things.

Surveillance Camera Systems Deter

Surveillance camera systems may be helpful as a deterrent or for follow-up after the fact but it is always best to be preventative in our home security strategies. Thieves are looking for a quick fix. They may case out a neighborhood to coordinate best times for robbing but they also check for easy access points and portable objects of interest. Home security starts with prevention and can then be supported with a good alarm monitoring system.

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