Video Surveillance Monitoring Service Identifies Theives

Video surveillance monitoring services abound throughout the city of Ottawa without us even knowing. There are video cameras on the Queensway for traffic and weather updates as well as private and commercial surveillance cameras in the front of many businesses and homes throughout the capital region. Installing a video surveillance monitoring service as an added layer of security often acts as a deterrent to crimes of opportunity. In the case that a crime does occur, they are excellent tools for capturing the situation on video.
In this video surveillance footage, the police were able to get enough clear footage of a tandem team of thieves to potentially identify them after this house break and enter in broad daylight.

Outdoor Video Surveillance Monitoring Service

While at times we are tired of the ever expanding invasion of our right to privacy, we are happy to have that video coverage when we or a family member are the victim of a crime. Keeping our community safe for our families and businesses to thrive is one of the main objectives of Alarm Systems Ottawa. Choosing some video surveillance monitoring for your home or place of business may be an important last step in ensuring proper security for you.

Ottawa Video Surveillance Monitoring in The News EXTENDED Surveillance video shows Czapnik’s final minutes. A surveillance video from the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital shows Kevin Gregson being escorted inside in handcuffs. It was entered into evidence on Wednesday March 7 2012. A surveillance…

Though this video footage was tragic, the court and family were glad they had it in the bringing to justice that many how murdered an Ottawa Police Officer last year.

Rash of Ottawa Break-Ins In the News

Two men charged after a series of commercial break ins. Ottawa police have charged two men in connection with a series of commercial break and enters across the region. In early January a series of overnight commercial break-ins across Ottawa were committed..

Sad to say it happens in Ottawa but crime happens all over this fine world of ours. Alarm Systems Ottawas likes to know it does it’s bast in keeping Ottawa one of the best places to live on the planet. Give us a call when you have any home or business security needs.

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