About Us

We are a local residential and commercial alarm systems company that has been serving the Ottawa area for over 20 years.

We have protected hundreds of commercial buildings and private homes through-out the Ottawa region, and all our alarm systems installed were completed with 100% satisfaction from our customers.

Not Your Typical Alarm Systems Company…

We are not a franchised alarm company but rather a locally based security company. We are a team of insured, qualified, highly trained and experienced security technicians. Our focus is the protection and security of our customers. We do not sell any other products outside of  alarm systems and security monitoring services. You can depend on us to monitor for any potential threat to your home, person or business to keep you safe and protected.

We have been monitoring our alarms for more than 2 decades now. Some customers have been with us since we first opened our doors in Ottawa. We understand that great business is based on relationships with people you know like and trust. Providing trustworthy and reliable services 24/7 is what keeps our clients safe so they stick with us.


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