4 Tips to Secure Your Home

Secure Your Home First

When you set about making your home secure, there are many things to consider before considering home alarm systems. The police call this target hardening. What they mean is reinforcing the security of your home in order to create a stronger defense against intruders and thieves. Most theft is a crime of opportunity. As an Ottawa home owner, the more you can create security by prevention to deter, the better.

Here are 4 tips s to consider when looking at your home from the eyes of a would be burglar. Alarm System Ottawa~Secure Your Home (© Christos Georghiou - Fotolia.com)

Secure Your home Tip #1:

Landscaping and Yard Work

Go to the front of your house from the road and take a thorough look of your home. Look at all entrance ways and windows to see if they have a clear line of vision from the street. Are they hidden by trees, bushes or shrubs? If they are, make sure to keep them trim. Ensure that doorways and windows are clear from foliage and branch coverage. It is recommended to not have hedges higher than 3 feet tall. When hedges are too tall, they provide perfect hiding spots for thieves.

Keep your yard maintained so that your home appears to be inhabited. This means lawn mowed, leaves raked and snow removed.

If you have a path, consider making it out of crushed stone. These make noise when walked upon and can alert  you that someone is approaching.

Secure Your Home Tip #2:


While some theft takes place while people are at work during the day, many burglaries take place under cover of night. Light is the enemy of many a thief. Good lighting around your home is another important thing to take into consideration when securing your home and surroundings. Lighting can make you feel safe and secure. It is good to have lights installed at all entrance ways on outside buildings such as garden sheds and garages.

There are 2 great sources of outdoor lighting to consider. There is the light  you can leave on at all times called a dawn til dusk light with a photo cell that detects when darkness arrives and turns on automatically or there are lights with motion detectors that turn on when motion is detected. The benefits of the one with a photo cell is that there is never a chance for a robber to hide. The benefit of the motion detector light is that it can take someone by surprise.

Secure Your Home Tip #3

Eliminate Hiding Spots

Take a walk around your home and out to the front to get a good idea of  how you would break into your home if you were locked out of the house. Look at all objects including trees, shrubs and sheds or garbage bins where an intruder may find a hiding place. As much as possible, eliminate or render access difficult. For example if you have a backyard gate, invest the $5 for the padlock to make it less accessible. Of course someone can always jump over but if the house down the street has less barriers to getting in and out quickly, a robber will target that house over yours.

Secure Your Home Tip #4

Eliminate Opportunity

Look around your home at what you have laying around that is a helpful tool for the burglar to enter your home. If you have ladders, rocks or tools be sure to secure them in a safe place rather than the front or back porch. Don’t leave your home as an open invitation to entry.

Most theft is for quick money. Burglars are looking for cash or quick converters to it. They want the robbery finished quickly. By ensuring you secure your home along with alarming your alarm system before leaving or retiring for the night improves your chances of keeping your home and family safe.

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