Video Surveillance Camera Catches Thief

Surveillance Cameras For Safety
Many people install video surveillance cameras to watch the front and back entries to their homes and properties as a deterrent to would be thieves and as an alert to people residing in the home. In this video a family inadvertently caught a thief walking away with their chimineya. While their video surveillance system was initially installed to oversee their grandchildren at play while she was indoors and they out this time it helped notify the police of a series of local robberies.

Though it is a sad day when we can no longer trust that our belongings are safe on our back deck or in the yard we have to be vigilant on how we secure our families and homes against these crimes of opportunity. Even in Ottawa it is important to lock up and put away any belongings we may have before we leave home. It is a lot less expensive to invest in a lock for the back gate than it is to replace outdoor tools and play things.
Surveillance Camera Systems Deter
Surveillance camera systems may be helpful as a deterrent or for follow-up after the fact but it is always best to be preventative in our home security strategies. Thieves are looking for a quick fix. They may case out a neighborhood to coordinate best times for robbing but they also check for easy access points and portable objects of interest. Home security starts with prevention and can then be supported with a good alarm monitoring system.
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Home Fire Alarms: Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries!

Home Fire Alarms…Time To Change Those Batteries.
Today is the day that citizens in Ottawa and those across Canada change their clocks back from daylight savings. Over 20 years ago, the International Association of Fire Chiefs started a campaign to get people to change their home alarm batteries at the same time. This was done in an attempt to cut back on the loss of life from fire.
A simple thing like a battery is often overlooked but it can be the life saver in a home fire. In Ottawa alone we have lost 44 people to home fires since 2002. Some of these were preventable. Since 2006, every Ontario residence is required to have a working fire alarm in place.
By associating the battery change with the semiannual time change it is hoped that there will be an increase in working home fire alarms. Ottawa Fire Services is on board with both the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs as well as the IAFC on this one. It takes minutes for your home to be devoured in flames and only minutes to add that one little bit of prevention…
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8 Tips to Deter Burglars Even With Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems Ottawa Secured Homes
Ottawa is one of the safest cities in Canada to be living in. However we still have robberies and home invasions in just about every community in the Ottawa region. Investing in higher levels of security from a company like Alarm Systems Ottawa is well worth the investment even for better peace of mind that you and your family will be safer. They are certainly great to deter burglars from your home.
You can sleep soundly or travel somewhere else with ease and confidence that your home is protected.  If you equip your home with alarm systems Ottawa security you are assured that each precious thing you have inside your home is safe and secure.  However, aside from equipping your home with high-end alarm systems, you also need to take some precautions to keep it protected from thieves and burglars.  Here are some tips:
 8 Tips to Deter Burglars from Your Home

1. Be vigilant about getting to know the people living in your neighborhood.  Being familiar with your neighbors helps you easily detect strangers or suspicious looking people that may in fact be burglars.
2. If you are not a pet lover, you may want to reconsider this and get yourself a dog to guard your house.  Oftentimes, they prove to be helpful in warding off strangers long before they decide on trying to enter your premises. Most burglars scout out neighbourhoods beforehand and they plan to skip homes where they know they will find a dog. They want to be in and out in minutes even if they think they can get past any alarm systems in place.
3. Your household should have a pre-planned safe place where you can hide in case of a break in. Make sure this safe spot is also equipped with access to your alarm systems so you could easily call for help.
4. All members of the household should be part of developing a plan and the things that they should do, if ever they see strangers suspiciously hanging around the premises.
5. Avoid sharing too much personal information on where you live and when you are absent with people you do not know. This includes sharing images and status updates on your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This only serves as an open invitation to thieves.
6. Make sure to do a thorough background check about your nanny or house help before you finally decide on hiring him or her.
7. Never flaunt your gadgets or appliances outside your house.  These can be very tempting in the eyes of the burglars.
8. Install a door viewer so if a stranger knocks on your door, never let him in. Instead, be ready to hit that  alarm systems button should there be any attempts of forcing entry to your house.

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