Home Alarm Systems Work When Set

Home alarm systems are a great deterrent to thieves and they also keep your family safer than in homes that do not have one. Insurance companies even acknowledge this by giving you a reduction in your payments. For some reason homes without one are three times more likely to be broken into than those that have unless of course a dog is present.

Depending on what type of services you order from your alarm systems company, you can protect for many other home disasters than burglary. As discussed in 4 Tips to Secure Your Home there are quite a few things to do first before investing in or setting a home alarm system. Fire alarms, smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, CO monitoring, flooding and even home temperature variations can all be monitored with different alarms for the different emergencies. Being on top of your home security significantly decreases your risk factor for all sorts of disasters.

Even though alarm systems work, the thing is that many families think they only need to arm them when they are leaving the home for extended hours or at night. Often homes are cased prior to a robbery and if you have a regular pattern in your daily living, the thieves are well aware of the amount of time to expect you to be absent from your home. It is important to set your alarm system each and every time you leave the home empty. Don’t make your home an easy target. Be vigilant with all the security measures you have in place including your alarm monitoring system. They work but only when armed. 

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